American Aquanatal Benefits
Include the well known health advantages of a fitness program
with the added benefit of a water environment, in a method based on holistic health and specifically designed for pregnant women

prenatal water exercises helps prepare for the birth holisticaly

Benefits of Water
Water favors exchange it mixes, melts, cleanses, and heals,
allowing for change in a soothing and therapeutic manner

Water's Hydrostatic effect
Increases balance in bodily fluids and amniotic waters
Reducing swelling in arms and legs, improving overall body circulation,
and stabilizing blood pressure

Benefit of Water Exercises
American AquaNatal exercises use water, a fun No impact environment highly recommended by health care professionals to increase women's wellbeing during pregnancy

preparing the body for birth through American Aquanatal Exercise

Water's Buoyancy effect
Reduces weight bearing, women move easily in water
free from gravity, women in the water enjoy ease of movement.
Water offers effortless resistance for deep stretches, gently toning muscles

relaxation in water through breathing  and exercise

Benefit of the American AquaNatal Program
In addition to the benefits of baths, regular exercises in water, or swimming
the American AquaNatal Program

empowering exercise for pregnancy

Enhances the childbirth experience
American AquaNatal breathing can be used during labor to avoid stress
and facilitate normal births for mothers and babies
The AquaNatal routine